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I created a new playlist on my Youtube Channel showing all the projects where greenware is finished, ready to receive colors. I will be posting the coloring process for my Patreons. I am using different clay colors, underglaze and glaze. So far, I have white, tan, red and brown clay. I have blue and brown underglaze. I am missing some yellow. I also have some copper glaze.

70% of the money I receive from my Patreons will help to buy colors and 30% will be saved to buy a new kiln. The kiln I have right now is a Duncan crafter. The inside of the kiln is 9″ tall by 12″ diameter. I would like to buy a bigger, taller kiln to increase the size of my vessels. One of my projects, later, while I sell my art, is to save 30% profits to invest into solar panels and have my kilns to run on solar energy. Solar panels would make some shade on the roof and increase the confort inside the studio during summer time.

To compensate the limitations from the size of my kiln, I combine a base with a top on my vessels and I want to develop this technique in order to build larger sculptures. I am starting with small projects and I am going bigger. I shall be able to bake my vessels by the end of next week. My Patreons can pre-order by contacting me.

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