The artistic adventure begins

Six days ago, I was unpacking my pottery wheel. Five days ago, I started to learn. My smile is all over my face. I bought a second hand kiln a while ago and now, the setup is complete. I have 200 pounds of clay to start my new career. I want to be a professional ceramist. I mean, I want to be an artist.

I have been taking classes since 2020 to learn how become a professional. I watched also many videos from artists who narrate their experience. I did not make a business plan, I just took opportunities with one goal in mind which is to find my style, the touch that defines me.

I called my studio the Blue Lady Garden which I will explain in my videos and I started a website, my gallery. I learnt pottery from Youtube videos and one book on paper clay. I will make a video review of this book, why I liked it so much. Learning, reading, watching videos, I have the mind set to creation and I have 19 pages of sketches full of ideas. Many more as I practice with the wheel.

I prefer to not reveal too much ahead any of my plans and let inspiration guide me until I can be comfortable enough with the wheel, the kiln and the set up of my studio. Later, when I master my skills, I’ll be able to manage my projects with ease.

I embarque you in this adventure with ceramics and hopefully, Patreon will help in creating a circle of people who like my art enough to support my initial investment for buying colors, clays, tools, paying art shows and events. I need to make a portfolio of vessels and customers. Both cost money.

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